The Ruffier functional test

The efficiency of cardiovascular system is possible to evaluate optimaly (beside a detection and assessment of the heart rate zones) by making use of the functional tests. One of them is The Ruffier test, which in simple way and with sufficient rate of reliability sets the functional state of the cardiovascular system and readiness of organism for load.

The Ruffier functional test consists of three parts.

To calculate The Ruffier test index we set from measuring data:

The index value is calculated from formula: RI = [(S1 + S2 + S3) - 200]/10

The evaluation of the Ruffier functional test
Calculated index value The evaluation of organism functional condition
till 3,0 excellent functional condition
3,1 - 7,0 good functional condition
7,1 - 12 average functional condition
12,1 - 15,0 poor functional condition
over 15,1 very poor functional condition

It is necessary to performe the measurments in the same standard conditions, e.g. in the morning after wake up.

It is improper to performe the measurments after the previous long-lasting or intesive physiscal load.