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1st International Day
    The 1st International Day was officially opened by Assoc. Prof. Dipl. Eng. Pavel Nečas, Ph.D. (Acting Rector) and Mr. Michal Chlebec (Director of Lifelong Education Centre) on 15th November in ISOC area. Both official guests highly appreciated effort and enthusiasm of presenters. The main idea to organize the International Day is to more closely understand homelands of ISOC participants and widespread it within multinational environment.

    The ISOC students in ranks of 1st Lieutenant up to Major from eight NATO and PfP countries (Estonia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Serbia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Georgia, Moldavia and Slovakia) were presenting their countries with the variety of valuable materiel. The friendly atmosphere accompanied with the educational dimension of the event created unforgettable experience for all the participants.

    Based on comments of all guests the main goal to organize the International day was fully accomplished with the recommendation to continue in this activity in the future.
    kpt. Ing. Martin Chovanec, PhD.    
photo: -ds-, nrtm. Mgr. Rastislav Heldák    

    2nd - 3rd Oct. 2014
5th International scientific conference "NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL SECURITY 2014"
    14th - 17th Oct. 2014
12th International conference "New Trends in Signal Processing 2014"
    23rd- 24th Oct. 2014

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