Lifelong Education Centre [LEC] is one of the main workplaces of the Armed Forces Academy [AFA] of General Milan Rastislav Stefanik which provides lifelong learning. LEC provides training for professional soldiers, employees of MOD and other government employees. It also practises educations according to contracts and agreements with partner universities (universities) and private sector.

    Lifelong learning
    In 2011 AFA has performed Lifelong learning of professional soldiers and personal of the Slovak Defence Department according to the Act. 568/2009 about lifelong learning through career, professional, short professional courses, intensive maintenance and English language courses. Education Centre actively subscribes into the process of lifelong learning and arranges education and training in 116 courses with 1519 participants.
    Through the International course for staff officers - ISOC (International Staff Officers' Course), which is incorporated into the structure of Education centre, the AFA fulfils the role as training and education centre for the Partnership for Peace (PTC - Partnership for Peace Training Centre) countries and provides education and career training of professional soldiers.
    The system of lifelong education
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